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Peter Gray + Sons Ship Lantern with Red Fresnel Lens

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250.00 USD

This lantern is badged on the inside of the door "PETER GRAY + SONS, MANUFACTURERS, BOSTON MASS." The company used this name from about 1885 - 1920, so presumably it was made during this time period. It stands about 13" high by 7" wide and 7" deep, not including the bracket on the back. The body of the lantern is steel, as is the burner except for its bottom which appears to be copper. It is complete, including the burner (the wick is even still there!) and the mounting bracket on the back which clearly had fit into a mounting plate. Overall, it is in good condition, but here are the issues that I have found: - The lens is chipped in four places, the worst of which is the dime-sized chip on the right side (shown in picture). There is also a chip from the edge of the lens on the top right and two in the lower left.- The door does not close properly. I didn't wan't to mess with it and possibly cause further damage. I'll let the buyer make that decision!- On the back, there is a crease about 4" long running beside the bracket- Slight surface rust here and there This belonged to my father and he told me that it is a ship's port lantern. While I cannot swear that this is accurate and that it is not a railroad lantern, my research seems to confirm that it looks most like a ship's lantern. I used an LED flashlight to take the picture with the light from the inside, but it does not really do the color justice. The lens is a beautiful ruby red.
Complete, but 4 chips in lens